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chapter one

All companies/organization whether profit or no-profit oriented cannot get on well on their own without public’s goodwill, organization are also identified with peculiar productivity which determines the success or failure of that organization. Public acceptance of any organization therefore is determined by the soundness and effectiveness of it’s public relations programmes good public relations is not something which can be achieved quickly by any business organization because to gain the respect and confidence of people requires time publicity that distorts faces, misrepresent or misleads is not worthy of the  name public relation neither does it means spending extravagant for entertaining influential people nor staging spectacular parties to attract attention.

In some cases, public relations is used as a temporally defensive measures to compensate for mistaken in dealing with customers neihbours and other group of people and also when faced with strike of employees/productivity. Being a management policy to build a good and mutual understanding is something which advertisement alone cannot achieve; instead it is the responsibility of every public relations department. Thus, the intent of this study is to review management on productivity of Delta, Textile Mill Asaba in the light achieving positive public opinion through effective public relation Department. As a result this project is arranged in three chapters and the succeeding provides a plan for the paper, chapter one deals with introduction background of study, objectives of the study (purpose) scope and limitation of study.


The study into the effect of public relations management on productivity of Delta Textile Mill is to determine to what extent the public relations department programme has gone into reducing the problem of the organization.

        Furthermore, the project is aimed the following

        To evaluate of the performance for existing public relation department in the organization with the intention to determine the competence of the staffs willingness to work together with the facilities and finance available to the department.

        To find out if the management of Delta Textile Mill buys the opinion and programmes initiated by the public relation officer/manger. To know whether the public relations manager do belong to the management.

        To look into the relationship between the management and the productivity, the effectiveness of the public relations programme and the desired proficiency or skill of its staff.


This research work will be of immense importance and benefits to public relations department of organizations. The result of this work will equip public relation department to with the basic knowledge of the extent to which its management is effective to productivity.

        The research work will also services as a reference material to academicians and students who carryout research on this topic.


It may be worthy to mention that this study embraces all government and privately established industries with particular references to Delta Textile Mill Ltd Asaba. The scope of the study encompasses the past and present activities of the organization.


In the course of conducting the research there are some unwarranted difficulties the researcher faced in a bide to make the study a true meaning, the problem are noted down as follows:

        The present economic depression in the country has made it almost impossible for every family to have enough. It alone giving the sufficient money to cater for his daily need in the school this implies that the researcher as a student has no other money except the one which he obtained from the sponsor or relations. Also the sky pocking prices of commodities accompanied by the workmanship in typing the project, traveling from place to place for reference purpose in order to get the much needed information.

        The significance or needed emphasis placed  on the time in conducting research cannot be over exaggerated This implies that time  has serious impact in conduct of research work the time log between traveling to get the required  information and submission of the finished  work needed such pressure and greater dedication the part of the researcher in order to enable him complete the assignment.

        Finally, non-availability of relevant data from the company poses a big problem and the inability of the offices to release some of their confidential material, which would have helped the research work.

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