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Motivation refers to those process that influence the arousal, strength or direction of behavior for example depriving oneself of good for a long time results in increase in the strength of your tendency to approach food.

          According to Davidoff (1987) it is an internal state that may result from a  need. It is to be  reviewed as activating or avoiding behavior usually directed towards fulfilling the instigating need. Motivation simply means the determinant of behavior, when we need an answer  to a question like (what made you do what you did) the answer we will get is the motive or motivationb.

          Job satisfaction is the feeling that an employer has about job. Job satisfaction can be influenced by very many different factors and the determinants of such factors varied.

          The behavior consequence of each minanyfactors vary from one individual to another.. for a worker to be satisfied with his job he must have the skill to perform the job, and management on their own should constantly review up wards all employers allowances and promotion and always try to improve  the nature of job (Agu E.M et al 1996:32)

          The term motivation and job satisfaction is derived from the implicit assumption that motivated and satisfied worker produces more

          Motivated and satisfied employers are those who see their job as helping them to accomplish their important goals (stoner 1978 253). It also contributes immensely to the aims and objectives of the organization. man is not self sufficient and thus has to be employed in order to have a source of income and good living. As human beings we have needs and these vary from one individual to another. And as ones needs are satisfied more keeps on emerging. This is borne out of the economic concept that human needs are insatiable.

          The concept of motivation and job satisfaction has to do with the total body of feelings than an individual has about his job. The total body feeling involves in effect weighing the sum total of influences the job the nature of the job itself, the pay the promotion prospects the nature of supervising etc. when the sum  total of influence are rise to feeling motivation it also leads to satisfaction. Where in told they give rise to feeling of demotivation and dissatisfaction the individual is job dissatisfied. The ability of one to prove one an on any of these influence will lead to satisfaction and conversely making less satisfaction any one of these influence will lead to job dissatisfaction (Iie, 1999: 278)

          Generally, there is need for one to satisfied with his job. Some works are very demanding in terms of time, energy and specialized skills. Some employers for example some bank workers close late because of the sensitive nature of their job and taking crucial decisions on customers request for loans and advances with minimum delay.

          In fact, as strauss (1978: 283) put it, the average man spent nearly a third of his working hours on job if the job foes not provide challenges with the autonomy, he  may suffered frustration with the results that are costly both to himself and his employers.

          From the above therefore some basic intrinsic factors are paramount in making a particular job interesting and the making employer’s skills, training job. The author maintains that the extrinsic factors include good salary, allowances, promotion and prestige due to the job. Despite the variation in what makes an individual satisfied, some factors are however inevitable for example, what will make an associate of the chartered institute of bankers (ACIB) or first degree holder satisfied with his job may not necessarily be the same with what motivates a messenger with no qualification, however both will need protection against old age (pension scheme) job security, housing, program, good transport system, a good environment in addition to some intrinsic factors mentioned above. It shold however be noted that what makes a job satisfying or dissatisfying does not depend only on the nature of the job but also on the expectation that individuals have what their job should provide (Webber 1975: 341). The management has a specific taste of knowing what these expectation and setting a uniform and acceptable atmosphere and conditions of service to all employers from different cultural sitting and values diversified interest and educational qualification compiled with varied needs and motives to blend with the compare objective of the organization what necessary having any conflict with union.

          The economic importance of job satisfaction of workers to the management cannot be under estimated in areas such as productivity absenteeism, labor turnover etc. lack of staff satisfaction with their jobs will lead to mental and physical frustration. The effect of this singular factor in the bank for an example is that tempted to change over night and variably involve himself in fraudulent practice that is capable of tarnishing not only his image but also the reputation of the bank and subsequent loss of money.


The level of performance of every employee will depends on how the worker is motivated to some psychological needs while some depends on psychological needs. Some are motivated by the combination of both types-psychological and physiological needs some organization tends to neglect motivating their employees. They forget to understand that when an employee is motivated he is bond to produce exceptionally. Thus there is no individual who is neither motivated nor satisfied with his or her job that can produce as required.

          Research has been conducted in many establishments to find out how employees are motivated as well as satisfied with their jobs. But there is no such repent in ANCOOR FOODS AND PACKAGING NIGERIA LIMITED, as most of the information available has not been based on field research.

          The problem now is what makes an employee to be motivated and satisfied his job.


The general purpose of this study is to find out how the employees of ANCCOR FOODS NIGERIA LIMITED are motivated and satisfied with their job specially the purpose of this  study include

  1. To find out what constitute job satisfaction to employees, whether uniform or it varies from one individual to another
  2. To evaluate some of the incentives given by the Anccor Foods to make employees satisfied with their job.
  3. To examine the prospects and problems associated with motivation and job satisfaction and to make useful recommendation to workers and management.

 1.3            SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The research will be limited finding out the role of motivation and job satisfaction among the employees of ANCCOR FOODS ENUGU. This survey study work will be based on their methods of leadership promotion, prospects, remuneration, training incentives security etc.


The following research will be used for the study

  1. What makes an employee to be motivated and satisfied with his job?
  2. What constitutes job satisfaction and what does an employee expect from his employer?
  3. Are there relationship between high productivity, prospects for promotion and advancement?
  4. Are you satisfied with annual appraisal and the increment in salary recommended for you at end of the year?
  5. Is there positive relation between motivation and job performance
  6. Does your salary justify your input to the job?
  7. Is there any relationship between higher productivity and adequate training as well as application of professional knowledge.


This survey work is as important as objective and growth of any business organization. No business itself cannot operate without employees. In other to make profit therefore, the employers must work in an understanding and satisfied atmosphere, so that one will not want the effort of other. This study will reveals ways of maintaining an acceptable conducive atmosphere at the work place and variable guarantee peace and harmony. The study will also reveal ways of getting maximum input from the employees which will lead to greater productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.

          Among its counter parts in the industry furthermore, the study will contribute to knowledge of ways of reducing constant friction between management and the employees and invariably sustain a good industrial harmony in the organization.

          The findings of this research will help in providing relevant information regarding what motivates an employee and how he is satisfied with his job. The findings will form the basic for decision making and for recommendation.


JOB   - The work an individual does for a living.

MOTIVATION    - It refers to the way, urge drive and needs toward an action.

JOB SATISFACTION – This is a positive feeling or expectation of an individual concerning this job.

INTRINSIC – This is the internal or inbuilt force, which energises individual to perform.

EXTRINSIC         - This is the external reward force or drive imposed which has the power to induce one to perform.

EGO  -This is needs which an individual has for a high evaluation of himself, achievement status,  recognition and sense of being wanted and appreciated by all.

PHSIIOLOGICAL NEEDS:- These are basic needs like food, shelter clothing etc