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The principal purpose of acquiring human resources in any organization is to aid in the actualization of the organizational objectives.

However, productivity targets vary from reality or actual performance because of ranges of variables:    Environment: Human: Technology, Organizational and so on.  The task of management is o turn these variables which have constituted themselves as obstacles to productivity in opportunities for productivity.  This is however a Herculean task, as it involves not just provision for remedies but the identification and definition of the reason for deviation.

Hence herald a tedious task of personnel managers in any organization.

Certain fundamental questions need to be asked.

-        How do we acknowledge deviation?

-        What should we focus on as fundamental in our assessment?

-        When should we appraisal and how frequently should it be done?

-        Is there any correlation between performance appraisal and productivity

-        How do we appraise employees performance for maximum productivity?

These and many more questions keep on begging for attention and or solution, most personnel foundation are contingent upon performance appraisal.  Performance appraisal helps to evaluate training needs, determine the equitability of compensation package, serve as basic of executing the maintenance and separating functions etc.  yet the veritable positives  of performance appraisal in personnel management function is being riddled or abused.  The NBL and other organization inNigeriahave persistently shoe with rigor and vigor to effectively and efficiently utilized performance appraisal as an instrument or a basic ingredient for productivity.

In the cause of this research work san indebt analysis into performance appraisal productivity and other needed issues will extensively discussed.


INNigeriamost of the performance appraisal exercise/program are not well designed and focused.  Management of organization tends to view it as a punitive measure.  This makes it lose its objective sand focus, performance appraisal  no longer seek to actualize its objective of correcting deviations, hence increasing productivity and jettison all hindrances that tends to hinder productivity.  But it is being used as a tool for subordination oppression, victimization and exploitation.

Despite the veritable return at performance appraisal to much organization, the societal value system has subdued it objectivity and its attendant’s outcomes.

This makes most of our performance more subjective than objective.

 However in the course of this research work, the lluanswered question will be answered: for eg

1.       Is performance appraisal corrective or punitive measure

2.       Should performance appraisal be subjected to the undue influence of our cultural, benefits and value systems?

3.       Which of the option in (I) superintends towards increasing employees productivity.


This research work is carried out to:

a.       Investigate the performance appraisal technique adopted by NBL Enugu.

b.       Correct performance appraisal and productivity in NBL

c.       Examine the usefulness of performance appraisal programme

d.       Investigate and analyze the various environmental variables affecting performance appraisal program.

e.       To identity the pitfall associated with performance appraisal exercise and provide solutions to them


This research work shall be of great benefit to the management of NBL as it will via its recommendation; proffer solutions which when applied will improve the role performance appraisal plays in, increasing productivity.

It is also beneficial to other firms in various industries as it will avails the opportunity to adequate understand, appreciated and utilize performance appraisal for the turnaround the organization for the better

This work is a fundamental requirement for the award of higher national diploma of business administration and management studies in the department of BAM, IMT.

It will also be of benefits to researcher who will want to carry out research work on similar or related topic.

 1.4            SCOPE OF THE STUDY

This study title, the impact of performance appraisal on productivity shall concentrate on Nigeria Breweries (NBL)


In the course of carrying out this project work the researcher encounter certain problems which tired to hinder the researcher from effectively achieving these objectives.  Prominent among these problems are:

a.       financial problem: The researcher was constraint by financial as it limited him from engaging on much journey for the collection of data

b.       Time constraints: The researcher had very limited get busy schedule.  This rind of wok ordinarily requires an ext4nsive study of the issue and cases.

c.       Attitude of respondents:          Some of the respondents where not ready to let go vital information as they felt they were letting go official secret.  However all these constraints where not allowed to hinder the researcher for putting to gather this articulate piece.

1.6            DEFINITION OF TERMS

Human recourses: These are human beings used in the production process. They could still be called employees or provide of labour.

Compensation:     This is the reward or payment gain to the provider of labour.  A labourer disserves his wages.  Compensation could also be retired to as remuneration.

Separation:           This is a process whereby an employee is returned to the wider society from where he was taken from, probably as a result of old age, non-performance or misconduct

Job evaluation:     This is the systematic method of appraising the work of each job in relation to other jobs in the organization.

Equity:                 This means fairness and justice.

Effectiveness:       This simply means doing the right thing.

Efficiency:            This means doing the right thing well

Evaluation:           This involves easement ie comparing stated standard with desired performance.