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Human resource management according to Dressler [ 1973 – 125] can be defined as “ procedures activities or action directed  toward finding the solutions to the manpower problems of an organization” that is actions which are placement wages recruitment selection and placement wages and salaries administration industrial relations and joint consultation employee welfare training and development motivation employee appraisal and assessment and effective unitization of human resource of an organization. According to Ubeku (1975:98) the major importance of the subject matter is the fact that is a basic function of management.  Unless it is effectively carried out by all members of line management.

Technical  efficiency will be inadequate to achieve organizational success. Problem of human resource should not be though of as something separate from technical problem. Both are put of a single situation that need to be understood and dealt with by the line officials beginning with the does executive officer (CEO)

Also human effort differs form other factors of production.  This is due to the fact that the employee has his own objectives which must be integrated and reconciled with those of management or the organization. In carrying out human  resources management practices both individuals and group relations are taken into account.

Human resource management according to Strawese (1988:98) “started in the from of record keeping.  It kept employment records of workers and management or rather managers including such factual materials as date employed   background information successive jobs held in the  organization with dates and wages received disciplinary penalties imposed and other maters in the relationship of the individual to the organization

Majority of the people with particular reference to the elite will be wondering why there are problem of human resource management in the private and public sectors of Nigeria organizations.  First of all emphasis will be made on the importance of human resource in every economy.  factually Wendell  (1984:30) described human resources as “ those individuals engaged in any organizational activity regard less of level

Human resources management is also concerned with he obtaining of the best possible staff of any organization and having gotten then looking after them so that they will stay and give the best of their jobs. However Wendell went further to emphasize that there are no demarcation for was and women working for an organization. The human resources of the government for example in the Enugu State boasting service (ESBS) Enugu ranging from the manager down to the messengers.

Any activities in the organization from stating to the finishing stages depend on human resources or the staff therefore any organization aimed at achieving some of her goals must adequately be motivated.  The researcher clearly understands that the goal of the organization cannot be achieved only by providing and ensuring adequate supply of personnel.  This because the human resources or personnel staff  that are not well motivated in an organization can never give out their best furthermore James (  1978:73) observed that the effective use of people is the key productivity.  Motivation of employees  in an organization is to get the best of their skill and abilities.

James further observed that although the task of motivating workers rested on the managements team as a whole.  Managers have more rules to play in other words the sort of continuous day to day coaching appraisal and encouragement that the employee will need will be more than over before managers have upper hands in motivating workers. When managers work together with their workers they will know and satisfy their problems for better result.

In most case the above is expected to be obtained in the public sector but reverse is the case.  This is because government will be able to maintain constant and adequate supply of personnel staff let alone motivating the little they have finally, his project will be a contribution finding possible solutions to most of the problems of human resource managers in Nigerian organizations in general and Enugu state particular


It is pertinent to note that adequate emphasis have not been laid by parastatals in terms of promoting a favourable ground for human resources managers and this has greatly affected their performances


The dynamic nature of the environment in which business operates constitutes an important factor in that it affects management decision and actions.  The environment here mans both internal and external factors such as economic social political government technological top management employee task forces among others.   For an organization to remain in business it has to help to shape its environment due to the rapid change that the organizations operating environment undergoes.  SUB PROBLEM 11 The type of image which an organization projects determines its areas of procurement recruitment and selection training  and development.  This is one of the problems which rules human resource  management in the E.SB.S Enugu. SUB PROBLEM 111 How human resource (manpower) is articulated towards the attainment of the organizational goal and aspiration is one of the outstanding problems of resource. Managers in Nigeria organization which Enugu state broadcasting service (ESBS) is among.

1.3            PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

Due to the that every aspect of business organization is undergoing accelerating change and no function of management  is change more rapidly  that public attitude and reactions problems of human resource managers have to be constantly and adequately proffered solution to.


i)     To ascertain the scope of action of human resource management practices in ESBS from 2004 2005

ii)      To identify the level in which the inefficiency exists.

iii)    To ascertain the difficulties experienced in the performance of these practices

iv)   Finally to identify how and who is responsible for human recourse will enable the government to discern and tackle the attributes of problems of human resources manager in Enugu state government parastatals- Enugu sate broadcasting service.

1.4            SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The conduct of this research all the information obtained are the ESBA especially between 2004-2005.

In this case the study focuses on office at human resource management in the Enugu broadcasting service which tends to loo the organization and it’s environment it’s position in the mind of the public consumer and the industry at large.  The success or failure of an organization depended on how it’s resource are patronized and any organization whose human resources management (managers) have been soiled or sin cared with would can hardly matter it in the business world which is dynamic    


The under listed research questions would be necessary to make this research a huge success.

i)  Do the Enugu state broadcasting service attach due importance to the production of human resources management?

ii)  Have human resources managers contributed to the organizational profitability of the Enugu state broadcasting service?

iii)  What are the major problems facing human resources managers in Enugu state   broadcasting service

iv) Do the ESBS have any department responsible for proffering solutions to the human resources managers problems in the organization/

v)  What measures do they take to make sure human resources problems do not cause the organization to divided?

vi) What is the  method used in ensuring cordial relationship between human resources managers and the workers of ESBS?


After through and careful review  of works that are directly or indirectly related to the sublet a matter the  hypothesis for this research work formulated as follows

H0:  Customers patronage to ESBS service is not adequate

H1:  The Patronage of customers to the ESBS service is adequate

H0:  The rate of communication among staff of the Enugu state broadcasting

service is not efficient

H1:  The rate of communication among staff of the  ESBS is efficient?

H0:  Most establishment in Nigeria do not  lay adequate emphasis on human

resource management

H1:    Most establishment in Nigeria do lay adequate emphasis on human resource management


Due emphasis have not been laid on the efficient and effective management in both public and private organizations to attain considerable economic growth.  This implies efficient management of  material money machinery as well as the management ethics.

This study will enable management of both public and private owned parastatals know the major problems facing the human resources managers and  the possible ways of solving those problems the issue have is that the personnel functions are not being properly performed.  Planning for instance which contains the major personnel programme is taken for granted in many Nigerian business a\enterprises. This has contributed in no small measure to the poor performance in the Nigerian public and private sectors.

In some organizations emphasis is placed more on profit objectives ignoring modern philosophies in management such as the social responsibility of the  firm among others.  All these factors which constitute problem to human resources managers will be treated fully in subsequent chapters.


During the course of this research work some constraints were encountered. Prominent among the problems are the poor responses of the respondents.  The scanty work done on the subject under study affected the volume of information obtained from the secondary data sourced.  The researcher encountered much financial constraint which limited the scope of his study.  Time for research, bias and un-corporative attitude of some staff members among others limited   the amount of information at the disposal of the researcher.


EFFICIENT: This means the ability of doing something well and thorough with no waste of money time energy and other resources

ASPIRATION: The simply means aim of somebody which is always backed- up with zeal for its achievement

PARASTATALS:  These are establishment that carry out specified functions to the masses.

DYNAMIC:  This word is synonymous with change it means not steady in existence.

MANAGEMENT: This means the act of running and controlling a business or similar organization as well as other resources there in.

MOTIVATION:  This is the miner-drive that gingers a worker to put-in the best expected of him/her at his/her work place.

BAOADCASTING:  The act of disseminating information via the mass media to the general public


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