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In today’s business world it has been proved that for any organization or firm exist or survive, it must be profit-oriented. A part from being profit oriented, organization also seek to satisfy customers want as far as possible for any organization to operate and succed it need, to work. The emphasis on employment cannot be overlooked. People work in organization for various reasons, to achieve different goals. Their motives could be primary, which is physical based, or secondary, which included the need for power achievement and affiliation, also security and status. 

Generally people join organization to attain the basic needs in life

Normally in an organization individual are bound to advance from one level to another (higher level) this is normally called promotion.

According to Agbo (1999) Promotion normally occurs when one is advanced to a better job items of more authority responsibility, more privileges higher status, greater potentials and a higher pay.

Promotion in any organization or firm is a very sensitive aspect in the study of management. the word promotion in this contact can be inter-changeable used with the word “advancement”. The basis for promotion is strictly on ground of the employees overall performance. Through, there are many other factors that affect promotion in any organization such as education background, company policy, job requirement, and accomplishment of company objective and of course, there must be a vacancy before any promotion occurs.

Ibid (2001) quote without putting the right people in their right place, goal and objective cannot be adequately achieved by any organization.

In this case, it is very important to promote the right people to the right place where they are able to perform to the best of their ability for effective achievement.

Nowadays the types of work which people do may be changing as mechanization and the demands of the society dictate, but no business can exit entirely without people. Even company automated machine tool factors being planned by the Japanese will also have to employ a number of people. The objective and goal of the organization is to achieve the best or optimum result from the employee. This is imperative not only for the right but also for them to be duty integrated into the organisation.  The employees in on doubt have great potentials it they are properly trained organized, motivated for their promotion.

This study is informed by the emphasis being place on promotion. The study will be carried out using the Alu-Aluminium Company as the case study. Alu –Aluminum MGG co was incorporated in 1990 by Ani.A (Mr.) it command operation at Bridgehead market Onitsha as a distributor of other companies, Aluminum product, later in 1993, the company acquired industrial kind at Nkpor Umuoji Road where it has the branch office, later in 1995, their company was at Enugu Abakaliki express way where the company is well equipped for the production of high quality roofing sheets and accessories with facilities for installing in all types of work..

Since the establishment of the company a lot of promotion have been existing in the company using criteria which make the employees to be satisfied about the job.


Inmost organization or a firm employees want to attain the highest rank possible and they do their possible achieve such a position. No one with further prospects just enter an organisation of firm to continue being at a particular position throughout his/her years of employment. People tend to aim or the other have use different types of system in their promotional programme. In this sensitive area of promotion it is obvious to a member of observers why it is done.

 Already there has been a lit of policy change and difference existing in organization. They do not come as a surprise due to different objectives and goals. Other, companies usually promoted. Their employees when they are found to be competent with the job in question follow:

1.Dose Alu Aluminium Company have a formalized promotion programme

2.What are the criteria for such promotions and dose the company comply with it?

3. Who and who are qualified ?

4.What is the aim of the promotion programme?


1.The purposes of the present study are to ascertain to what the aluminum company installed protein programme.

2. To verity who and are qualified to be promoted

3. To ascertain the criteria for such promotion and if the company complies with it.

4. TO determine the aim of the promotion programme.

5. To make necessary recommendation.


This study concern the promoting of employees with particular reference to Alo company. Not many researchers have expended time and effort on studying or researching on this aspect of promotion in organization many have marked the important of promotion in management and regard it to a very minor and insignificant aspect and instead prefer studying the appraisal system in organization.

However, the appraisal and promotion are is no case the same nut can said to be related or go hand in hand, because without the appraisal, promotion cannot take place effectively.

In this study therefore the appraisal system will be looked at also the training system will also looked at.


Researchers generally are not a naturally easy job, researchers also involve in problem at all sorts and at various stage of the research.

This becomes apparent when such is conducted in the kind of environment we are in, when everyone is not literacy and those who have different degrees of literacy. Also where there is conservation, fear and ignorance of different degrees. Degrees of unenlightened in objectives and benefits of the research to the correspondents  and researchers.

This particular studies was constrained by the following factor:

Preliminary investigation that affected these studies. Due to the fact that thee company is Alo company, they are very sorting so many things out.

Initially, they are almost impossible to see in order to give me a go-ahead order. They are either not on seat or having a meeting or something.

Hours of waiting become the constant practice without seeing them.

RESPONDENT: questionnaires were distributed and upon the fact it was a bit difficult framing. The questions and distributing, it was worse with the attitudes of respondents

Most had a non-challant attitude-not encourage one bit.

SECRECY AND FEAR:  most of the employees were afraid to answer some of the question. They were wondering given me some sheet away from receiving the questionnaires.

UNELIGHTMENT: some employees out of sheer ignorance refused the questionnaires. The degree of unlightment in the objective and benefits of research to the correspondents and researcher.   

LECTURES AND EXAMS: in the initial state of this research, lecture were going on and attendance can noted a lot especially with the final years, and the exam shortly approaching made it quite a task and then it was rushing all the was.

COST: As a student, the coat of the research came into play, a proper, constructive research has to be money invested to achieve a good results and as student, this was a limiting factor.

TIME: somehow, time is an impediment in most if not all human endeavors. It is a basic constraining factor.  


  1. What are the criteria for the promotion in Alo company?
  2. What is the aim of the promotion pragramme in the company?
  3. Dose the company have a formalized promotion programme?
  4. Who and who are qualified? 
  5. Dose promotions have any effect on worker’s attitude?


1.Ho: A lo company have not adequately provided systematic criteria on promotion.

HI: Alo Company has adequately provided systematic criteria on promotion.

2. Ho: Alo company dose not have a formalized promotion programme.

Hi : Alo company have a formalized promotion programme.

3. Ho the employees in Alo Company are not satisfied with their promotion.

Hi: the employees in Alo company are satisfied with their promotion.  


It is hoped that this project will be useful to the employees and employers. It will also go a long way to help manager’s employers and employees in the firm or organisation to know the extent to which the promotion has been taking place and the criteria that are involved in the promotion.

 Also student of management science especially business Administration will equally benefit from the research as it will unfold the ideal behind this promotion.


Some words used in this study are going to be defined for clear understanding. some are term commonly used while other are not the essence of this is to enable the reader not to get confused in reading especially in the latter part of the study.

APPRAISAL: the most formal way of evaluation an individual with regards to this contribution on a particular job.

ORGANISATION: A structural process in which person interact for object which made up of group of people bound together to provide unity of action for the achievement of a pre-determined objects.

POLICY: A directive issued from a higher-level authority and provide continuous framework for the behavior or a company official attitudes towards types of behavior with which of will allow employees to act.

PROMOTION: the advancement to a higher rank in an organization, which demands a lot of responsibility and may be tasking on the individual.


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