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This research is borne out of an interest of the researcher to settle the issue of languages users who do not find it interesting to make use of their mother tongue in communication.

1.5       PURPOSE OF STUDY This research is to explore the topic Nominal Modifiers in Annang. The research is born out of an interest on the topic. The purpose of this work is to satisfy one’s desire for better understanding of the topic. It is to test the possibility of undertaking an extensive study and to develop the methods to be employed in the study.

1.6       OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The objective of the study are:

  1. To find out if there are Nominal Modifiers in Annang
  2. To identify the Nominal Modifiers
  3. To identify the positions where they occur
  4. To note the functions they perform in Annang language.

1.7       SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDYThe research work will be of immense benefit to the speech community by making them see the need to preserve their mother tongue, orthographies will be written in the language. The research will increase the knowledge of the community on the topic nominal modifiers. It will help the students who are interested in the topic and finally will help other researchers who are interested in the topic, to be able to carry out research on the topic.

1.8       SCOPE OF THE STUDYThe study focuses on nominal modifiers in Annang, the meaning of nominal modifies, the types of nominal modifiers, identify the positions they occur and the functions that nominal modifiers play in Annang sentence.

1.9       METHODS OF DATA COLLECTIONThe research is conducted via elicitation (the act of drawing facts from somebody). Interview was conducted with the aid of Wordlist, (the Ibadan400 wordlist) and a list of sentences. The instruments that is used to aid and research work are Audio tape, microphone, camcorders, pencils, exercise book etc.

1.10    DEFINITION OF TECHNICAL TERMS This is the definition of the terms that used in the course of the research. Syntax – Syntax is a branch of linguistics that is concerned with how words form phrases and phrases form sentences in its broadest sense refers to both the arrangement and the forms of word. It is a part of language which links together the sound patterns and the meaning Modifiers – is a constituent in an endocentric construction, that imparts information relating to the head of the construction. Modifiers are phrases or words that provide description in sentence. Nominal – resembling, relating to or consisting of a name or names. Assigned to or bearing a person’s name. a group of words functioning as a noun.Nouns – Nouns are lexical items that refer to persons, places, things and terms/concept. A noun is anything, with the exception of the pronoun, that serves as the subject of a sentence or object of the verb.Adjectives – Adjectives denote qualities and they are words that are typically used to modify nouns or some property referred to by nouns. It can be said to be a word that specifies and attribute of a noun.Determiners – Determiners are words that signal the presence of nouns. A determiner limits or modifiers the reference of a noun phrase.