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We have taken a plan task on our own to evaluate the functions of public r elation in resolving disputes in third tiers of government which was discovered in offa Local Government Kwara State.Offa Local Government area which was first carved out of old Ogun Local Government in 27th August 1991, the Local Government ever since creationhas faced sense of hard times.The third tiers of government in Offa Local Government varies from political crisis, community development chieftaincy titles and association provision of amenities among others.Although, problems are band to happen, but too much of it can ruin life. If not for the existence of Public Relations, the Local Government would have been engulfed problems and these are the reasons why we have concluded to go into research on the impact of Public Relations in solving dispute in third tiers of government.1.2     STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMBecause of the inability to reach Federal Government in order to lodge complain, the Federal Government had decided to make it nearer to everybody by creating the third tiers of government i.e. the Local Government and the Public Relations department was created to maintain mutual understanding between the Local Government and the public.The following are the problems which a Public Relations officer is helping to solve in the Local Government.

  • Chieftaincy of religious crisis
  • Political conflict
  • Then they help to resolve cultural conflict in the Local Government


  • Can dispute in the Local Government be traced to bad government?
  • Could dispute be brought about as result of ineffectiveness on the part of Public Relations officer?
  • Could conflict in the Local Government be traced to lack of cooperation of the Local Government with the government in power?
  • Is dispute in the Local Government being as a result of moral laxity on the part member of the staff?
  • Could the basic operating policies and guidelines serve as constraints to Public Relations policies?

1.4     SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThe significance of this research work is to determine the best Public Relations method to be used in establishing and maintaining mutual understanding in the third tiers of government to achieve efficiency in the method of Public Relations in Offa Local Government so that quality relationship between the governments and its populace could be guaranteed.To know the benefit derived from imploring Public Relations in the third tiers of government to resolve dispute/conflict.1.5     SCOPE OF THE STUDYThis research work is based on how Public Relations can be employed in the resolution of dispute in Offa Local Government so that mutual understanding can be created.

After it must have been created, it ought to be maintaining in order for continuity to be ascertained in the Local Government Area that is Offa Local Government Area.