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       The word or term Spent (Used) Engine oil refers to any lubricant that has served it main purpose in vehicles, tricycles, motorcycles, and generator etc and has been withdrawn out from its area of application therefore considering it not fit again in the vehicle until maybe recycle/treated in others words, it is obtained after servicing of cars, generator, trucks etc (Agbogidi, 2011). The is because during its use the oil comes in contact with metal particle dirt, water and other impurities which contaminate it. Because of this reason, and also the fact that oil may contain other additive such as rust inhibitors and stabilizers, it is classified as a hazardous material and must be handled like one (Agbogidi and Egbuchua, 2010).

These spent (Used) engine oil contains a lot of different kind of toxic substances which causes detrimental effects on the soil and the ecosystem at large. The used engine oil when present in the soil create an unsatisfactory condition for life in the soil properties this is due to the poor aeration of the contaminated soil moreover this could inturn affect the growth, yield and general performance of plants in the area of contamination (Atuanya, 1987).

However, proper treatment of this used oil should is highly recommended or enforced for individual or cooperate bodies of artisans that owns a workshop before it is discarded into the environment because the environment support living and non-living.