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This study was designed to find out those factors that are responsible for pupils lateness to school in Agabi primary school in Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Delta State. The incessant occurrence of chart and some time criminal behaviour not only by the audit population, but also the students of this country in recent times has since began to give cause of concern, particularly to parents, government and school administrators. Questionnaires from a sample of four (4) primary school, students consisting of (hundred) primary school students selected at random from Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Delta State were analysed. It was found or observed that the parents or audience, societal customs and ways of life, can one way or the other causes students lateness to school. It was recommended that parents and audience should try as much as possible to send their children to school on time and the pupils should try and live home early to school.




Lateness to school started long ago, every where in a way that cannot be controlled in recent time. The problem of lateness has eaten deep into Nigeria children the problem of pupils lateness to school has now turn to national problem. Lateness merely means arriving after expected time.

Children commonly miss their school or coming lately because of their usual habits, such as waking up late due to laziness: rushing of undone assignment, unprepared bath, breakfast or meals, clothes, their pack lunch etc. and waiting for companions or friends coming to school the bus is late; and sometimes because of some problems in their parent that affects them and interest in coming to school seeing their with misunderstandings. A financial support is another too. Kids like having many delightful possessions. They would be and seeing their class mates with something they don’t have or sometimes they are ashamed of coming to school.

Oxford advanced learners dictionary defined lateness as arriving after the expected arrange or usual time. It is after the right, fixed, usual or expected time; therefore lateness is the opposite of early. The question now is what are the factors responsible for pupil’s lateness to school.

Authorities have wonder why scholars come late to school. But they have not been able to make deep research into this problem in a bid of providing solutions and recommendation, which would help to cure the problem.

This study will focus attention on the factors responsible for the pupil’s lateness and an attempt to finding solution to this problem.


Lateness among school pupils is increasing and spreading. Everywhere is a way that cannot be controlled in our societies. A close look at the factors that are responsible for it, it’s the purpose of the study.

The importance of this can never be over liked in the process of learning experience had shown that children who are habitual late comer never do well in their academics, this is true because before their arrival it is very likely for them missing some steps in the teaching/learning process. This will affect their learning adversely.

Inspite of the efforts made by the teachers and the school authorities to solve this problem. The children where still found indulging in late coming in an attempt to know the factors responsible the teachers attributed it to the parents while the parents hold the teacher to ransom. To some others, the children themselves and the peers group influence are responsible.

With the result of this study, it is believed that solutions to this problem will be provided as the factors responsible for the lateness are identified and recommendations are made. The children will be better guided and ways of overcoming their problems and like up to expectation as good children are know.

In addition, this study will also help the nation as the children will now develop the spirit of punctuality at school and becomes good citizen in their future life.   


The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that are responsible for pupil’s lateness to school and re-address the problem by providing possible suggestion, re7commendation and solution, which relate to pupils lateness to school. 


  1. Does the distance between the pupils’ home and the school contribute to lateness to school?
  2. Does lateness in waking up from sleep in the morning lead to lateness to school?
  3. Does delay in preparation of food on time by parents contribute to lateness to school?
  4. Does demand for needed school materials in the morning time lead to lateness to school?
  5. Does lateness to school by teachers influence pupils lateness to school?
  6. Does waiting for friends to get prepared lead to lateness to school?
  7. Does hawking in the morning time before preparing to school lead to lateness to school?
  8. Does playing on the way to school lead to lateness to school?
  9. Does lack of performing well in school lead to lateness to school?


       On successful completion of this study pupils and parents will be exposing to the various factors that are responsible for pupils lateness to school and to the rightful measure necessary to eradicate this bad habit.

       This study will help to motivate parents to make the children come early to school and this will in turn improve the academic performance of the individual.

       Also it will enable the pupils to be discipline both at school and in future life.


       This study is done within four (4) selected primary school in OrhionmwonLocal Government Area of Delta State. The names of the selected schools is Agabi Primary school.


       The study will be done with four primary schools in Ethiop East  Local Government Area of Delta State. The population in which this investigation will be carried out will be small due to insufficient time and lack of finance on the part of the research in terms of funding the research work.


FACTORS: - This refers to the conditions that affect the behaviour and development of the physical conditions that exist in the pupils learning environment.

LATENESS: - This refers to pupils getting to class daily, below the normal time schedule for the class.

PEER INFLUENCEL: - This refers to the bad company of children a child associate with, which affect the way the child, behaves and thinks.

PARENTAL IGNORANCE: - This refers to the negative attitude of some parents who negative attitude of some parents who back the knowledge and importance of providing their children with education. This is because they are not aware of fast changing world of science and technology in which they live.