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  • Department: COMPUTER SCIENCE
  • Chapters: 1-5
  • Pages: 51
  • Attributes: Questionnaire, Data Analysis, Abstract
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Online clearance system software is a basic Internet based research that will help build effective information management for schools. It aims to develop a computer software system that replaces the manual clearance method for graduate students. The software developed will serve as a more reliable and efficient way to undertake student game, remove all forms of delay and stress and allow you to understand the proceedings in question, as well as how to make your online game. The project work makes use of the data collection of the University, materials and magazines of different authors and software has been developed to effectively achieve the project objective. In this project, implementation of the computer system was performed using JOOMLA for the program; In conclusion, this project work will probably meet some of the goals. THE existing system Purpose of the existing system is the student unable to pay all their fees before leaving school. Some Levis are responsible for dealing with students and other records to the departmental contributions or otherwise. The game system is designed to help students pay all their dues and obtain a clearance certificate.