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  • Department: COMPUTER SCIENCE
  • Chapters: 1-5
  • Pages: 100
  • Attributes: Questionnaire, Data Analysis, Abstract
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Computers are known for their wide range of applications especially in science and mathematics. However little or no thought has been given to the design of an entrance examination and thorough comprehensive intelligence on a computer system in our immediate environment. This entrance examination system is designed to help administrative review of the university to achieve a standard sample, and as such the psychological implication of such a design is very important. The system design is quite simple and easy to understand. Its flexibility makes it ready for the coming changes and the amendment is to incorporate other aspects of intelligence or designed for any other school age or class. The issue of online entrance examination system are programmed and visually displayed on the system screen, answering the question on the computer system, immediately, the question is marked and notified. The result of the examination is also displayed at the end of the review that goes a long way to alleviate fears that students were scored in the examination. Since the entrance examination is examined by the computer, the cost of manual review time is recorded. Based on the virtues of the internet amendments that were made to the notion of examination system by building a website with an entrance exam online, setting the question and answer online and management online by the administrator.