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Network Security is essential to any organization. This has already been done by the manual method. But this project is to the security of the computer network to make the job easier. This is possible due to the improvement of the advanced technology related information as a programming language; because it is made with the help of the Visual Basic programming language and other programming languages. In the early decades of their existence, computer networks were mainly used by university researchers for sending e-mail and corporate employees for printer sharing. Under these conditions, the safety has not been a lot of attention. But now, as millions of ordinary citizens use the networks for banking, shopping, and file their tax returns, network security is looming as a potentially huge problem. The information security requirements within an organization underwent two major changes in recent decades, before the widespread use of data processing equipment of the security of information deemed useful for an organization was provided mainly through physical and administrative resources with the introduction of the computer need automated tools for protecting files and other information stored on the computer has become obvious. This is especially the case for a common system such as time-sharing system and the need is even more acute for systems that can be accessed for a public phone or a data network the generic name for the tool collection protect data and to thwart hackers is about security -Computer wide and covers a multitude of sins. In its simplest form, it is keen to ensure that the curious can not read, or worse, secretly modify messages to other recipients. It is concerned about people who try to access remote services they are not allowed to use. Most security problems are caused intentionally by malicious people trying to gain some advantage, to attract attention, or to harm someone. Network security problems can be divided roughly into four interlinked areas: confidentiality, authentication, non-repudiation, and integrity checking. The secret, also called confidentiality, has to do with keeping information on the hands of unauthorized users. This is what usually comes to mind when people think about network security. Authentication deals with the determination of which you speak before revealing sensitive information or to close a deal. Non-repudiation deals with signatures.