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Registration of vehicles in Nigeria began over 100 years ago and the recordings were mainly manual which in turn did not help to increase the efficiency of general automotive services in recent years. Today, the computer was discovered as a very effective instrument, which played a very important role in the proper management of information. In addition, he played several roles in the country. However, computerization has made it possible in many areas of life and because of vehicle owners, the thought of computerizing the operation becomes of great importance to clear the Manual data processing system from which many problems were manufactured. The problems that have engulfed the objectives of registration of motor vehicles are widely discussed in this project with the new method that has been innovated. This work is led to the computerization of various problems in the processing of data to identify the various problems are encountered during the vehicle registration manually. This theory also compares the existing system with the new system, which is true, and a faster data processing and the problem faced by customers when they register their vehicles. There are different programs that can be written to develop such programs, Pascal, Java. VISUAL BASIC and C etc. But I will make use of PHP, database (MySQL) they are both working with the Apache server (Xamp). The design of the software used Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and switchmax. The world is experiencing a revolution of the knowledge of the information that is in the process of fundamentally transforming how human activities are carried out. Worldwide government adopt e-governance as a way to improve their services to enterprises and citizens, promoting economic and social development, and strengthening the effectiveness and efficiency of government operations.

Computer plays a vital role in the development of any business, it also saves some of its complex problem that is faced by people and processes large data in a short time and at incredible speed. The recent emphasis on information and data processing in most of our businesses experienced a negative growth as in the case of motor vehicle license and registration of the plate. As far as the registration of motor vehicles has been there for centuries now, the old registration system was adopted in who has not played a significant role in road safety until developing the new system of registration of the vehicle where a reflective film which is more visible to read even in the dark. This new motor vehicle system and registration plate number, which is the main objective of this project came into existing March 19, 1997 and managed by the licensing agent engine. It was introduced to enforce strict compliance with traffic rules and regulations and to provide appropriate data on the behavior of road users. the roles, including the introduction of a computer system will play in this function, will be more about efficiency and improve skills.