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        Every government establishment has a means of generating money, which is accountable to the government body. Individual, groups and companies contribute their own quota to the development of their society in different ways.        This project study analyzed the concept and operations of revenue generation system from business premises as it is carried out by Nkanu East Local Government Area. The entire system was critically analyzed, the problems hindering the smooth operations of the system were detected and possible solutions were provided for effective operation.  Data entry procedures and mode of processing operations were critically analyzed and necessary modifications were affected.          A new computerized system was designed to enable effective workflow and work output, accurate, move reliable and comprehensive. Reliable recommendation fro-adequate maintenance was also provided in the work.    TABLE OF CONTENTS Title page Certification Dedication Acknowledgement Abstract CHAPTER ONE 1.0   Introduction  1.1   Statement of problem1.2   Aims and objectives1.3   Scope1.4   Limitation1.5   Assumption1.6   Definition of terms  CHAPTER TWO 2.0   Literature Review CHAPTER THREE 3.0   Description and analysis of the existing system3.1   Fact finding methods used3.2   Organization structure3.3   Input, process, output analysis3.4   Objectives of the existing system3.5   Information flow diagram3.6   Problems of the existing system3.7   Justification for the new systemCHAPTER FOUR4.0   Design of the new system4.1   Output specification and design4.2   Input specification and design4.3   File design4.4   System flowchart4.5   Procedure chart4.6   System requirements  CHAPTER FIVE 5.0   Implementation5.1   Program design5.2   Program flowchart5.3   Pseudocodes5.4   Source program5.5   Test run  CHAPTER SIX 6.0   Documentation6.1   System documentation6.2   Program documentation6.3   User documentation  CHAPTER SEVEN 7.0   Conclusion and Recommendation7.1   Conclusion       7.2   Recommendation        Bibliography



        Revenue generation is a means through which government establishment hurt for money which will be accountable to the government purse for execution of it’s project and the money collected from different areas like market, advertising etc. can been kept by a group of people. The government in this case, excepts members of the society to contribute to the affair of the nation.

        The rate of contribution depends on ones income; individual contribution according to their income rate, groups or companies contributes according to their size. The money generated through this means is used by the governments to accomplish its budget proposals. The government mapped out different means of revenue generation and all these tend to provide fund for societal development.

        Revenue generation is a bulk task compilation of list from receipt issued is not an easy task. Complex calculation is involved to produce rate according to income earning or size of organization. Keeping records of data collected and fast retrieval is also difficult through the existing system.

        The existing manual system towards the compilation of revenue from the premises unit makes it look difficult and also it enhances fraud and delay development. The new system developed in this project work take scare all the problems arising from the old manual system.


1.     There is not enough qualified personnel in the mis-department to cope with the work load in the department.          

2.     There is no special incentive to the mis-department to reflect the tedious nature of this job.

3.     During entering and calculation data are wrongly worked, on this in effect reflect ion the result.

4.     A lot of fake receipts are encountered.

5.     Searching of records in files in the file cabinet takes a very long period.


The primary aim of this project work is to look into the operations of revenue generation from business premises in Nkanu East Local Government Area and comes out with a new computerized design that will be more effective.             

Another aim is to reduce the inadequate fund from revenue and the space occupied by volumes of data in shelf and file cabinets.

The new design is timely, accurate and comprehensive in work output.

 1.3  SCOPE

This project work covers the area of data entry, information storage and retrieval, data update and how they are being kept as it concerns revenue generation at Nkanu East Local Government Area.

        This includes how data is collected, processed and stored for future use. The method of data update and information retrieval and adequate report generation.


The limitations includes lack of time and fund to meet the rising cost of researcher that truthfulness of the informants, the uncooperative attitude of some persons that could have contributed immensely to the success of the research and lastly, the solo effort in data collection.


        In view of effective implementation of revenue generation system from business premises the assumption of the researcher include that:

(a)    The needed machines (computer system) are procure for the implementation.

(b)    The input (data fed in) to the computer system are correct and true.

(c)    The software design will be of high efficiency and will create a positive effect on the management.

(d)    There will be accurate, concise and timely information.

(e)    If the system is computerized, work will be enhanced and expenses will be reduced drastically.

(f)     There will be no fraud.


Revenue: This can be define as income especially the total annual income of the state from taxis, etc. and one producing revenue contrasted with one protecting a country’s trade.

Revenue Generation:     This is a means, through which government’s establishment hurt for money, which will be accountable to the government purse for execution of its project.  

Premises:        This can be define as a building land were business can be established.

Computer:       This is a device capable of accepting data in the form of facts and figures applying prescribed to the data and supplying out the result of this processed meaningful information.

Data:       This is the collection of facts and figures that are processed.

Information:   This is the processed data is meaningful; that is the facts or details about something or somebody.

Design:    This is the act of formulating work plan and requirements needed to achieve general objectives of a system.

Data:       This is also fact of information, especially when examined and used to find out thing or to make decisions and information stored by computer.

Business: It is define as the activity of making buying and selling of goods and services for money.