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Material procurement can be defined as the purchase of goods or services at a total cost of possible optimum in the quantity and quality of adequate supply. These products and services are also purchased at the right time and place to express the benefit or use of government, businesses, organizations, or individuals signing a contract. The procurement process of goods or services that are required as a raw material (direct purchase customers) or for supply (indirect) a company or a person might call operator acquisition. The procurement process involves not only buying products but also the quality and quantity of controls. Typically, providers are registered and pre-determined by the contracting company. This makes the process smoother, the promotion of a good relationship between buyer and supplier. The procurement of synonyms, which are the gain, purchase, acquire and may shed light on the direction of supply. The procurement process can vary from company to company, and a government entity may have a slightly different procurement process in relation to a private company. Acquisitions may also be defined simply as the procedure in which the goods or raw materials are purchased when prices are low. Procurement is advantageous if the products are purchased in large quantities. E-procurement is another method electronic media is used for the acquisition or purchase of goods. Everything is processed electronically, searching for the right delivery and payment bidder. The procurement procedure may vary depending on the product and the use of the product. Health team needs to be effective and reliable, and the procurement process is carried out carefully to prevent the purchase of faulty equipment. Another important factor that usually includes definitions of the acquisition is the amount of the purchase. This is important because the amount of purchased products is inversely proportional to their cost. Thus, the acquisition is a process that is performed by the company almost every individual and for their own benefit or personal, involving the purchase of products by choosing the appropriate provider.