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         The invention of the Telegraph, Telephone, television, Transitory, system unit have profoundly influenced the way we live today. Each of such advances has spread a technical revolution, which in turn has reached the confirms of technology to affect the ways we live, work, and see the world.

  The introduction of computer-based system produces the most recent and existing of all revolutionary technical advances, its profound impact in our daily lives and on the business communicated all imagination.

   In our professional lives the computer is an integral tool in the performance of many jobs. Managers for instance use the package of word processing software  to compose memos and spellings checking grammar and style.

    However, in the development of this century there has been an increased emphasis on the need for the introduction of the computer-based management.

   In the past, corporation has failed to see the need for such a system. Organizations especially inNigeriais slow to appreciate these benefits, which such a system could yield.

    However, the gradual introduction of computer into organization is general and particularly for administrative purpose could be attributed to the following reasons.

   Firstly, Top-level mangers have been involved in the negotiations and agreements cover the introduction and use of computer-based technique in their organization.

   Secondly, the work being carried out in most personnel department in various organizations inNigeriahas become a reality so much that computers need to be introduced to promote efficiency.

     Thirdly, the presence of these devise in organization draws a line between “prosperous” and none prosperous companies in the eye of Nigerians.

    Despite the appreciation of the need for computer based management information system it is not easy for business organizations to appreciate fully what a computer can do.

                         STATEMENT OF PROBLEM 

 It is the latest innovation in technology advancement as it relates to the over all running of an organizations.

    This study therefore is geared towards addressing the following problems:-

i.  To determine the extent of awareness and installation of computer in organizations like Golden investmentEnugu.

ii  To uproot the acceptability of computer by employees.

iii To accepts and discover the problem encountered by the business management of these organizations during and after installation.

iv To compare the production of these organizations before and after installation of computer.



HO – that collection and storage of data in business organization can be made easier with the introduction of computer.

  HI – that collection and storage of data in business organization cannot be made easier with the introduction of computer.

   HO – the advantages from introduction of computers to business organization can be more than the disadvantages.

   HI – the advantages from introduction of computers to business organization cannot be more than the disadvantage.

  Ho – the quality and quantity of work done in business. Organization can be more much vital than the more introduction of computer than without it.

HI – The quality and quantity of work done in business organization cannot be more much vital than the more introduction of computer than without it.


    In recent years the emphasis on productivity, rationalization and keeping staff numbers has increased dramatically thereby highlighting the need for the study therefore, can be seen in terms of:

i.  Accuracy: The introduction of computer in business organization inNigeriaenhances accuracy; it provides relief from errors as a result of prolonged work hours. Careless Borden  and environmental conditions.

ii.  Timeliness and speed factors: in addition to the accurate information, effective day to day on the spot decision making requiring that such information received on time. The introduction of computer therefore facilitate this features:

iii. Competitions: The competitive is also needed and aided by the use of computers because of its advantage in fact, accurate and computer data processing.


   Computer like and other technical fields has its own equipment unit of measures, concepts and vocabulary, unlike the vocabulary of older natural sciences.


            Computer: A computer is a device that receives data and instructions manipulates them according to a sequence of instruction and produces result as output.

MEMORY: This is the central processing unit (CPU) it is used for computation activities.

DATA PROCESSING:  A process of covering raw data into information.

DATA BASE: A collection of data that provides data access to all applications and users with minimal redundancy.

HAND SHAKING:  A procedure for transferring data in which one device intones another when it is ready to receive data then the second transmits them.

HAND DISK: A rigid disk that installed in a drive semi-permanent also to help some document for future reference.

MEGABITS (MB): The volume in which computing is measured.

NETWORKING: Connecting several computers together.

TIME SHAKING: Occurrence independent use of a single computer system by several individual.

WORD PROCESSING: Propagation of correspondence and documents by several individual means.

FILE: A collection of records, each record in the file typically has the same formal or layout as all the other.