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Planning and forecasting are all elements of efficient.

The industrial and overall development  of any nation in one way or the other is based on the efficiency in the production sector of the nations economy this efficiency can only be achieved through the adequate and proper utilization of all the factors of production in conjunction  with designing a good production system.

In analyzing production system the following decision are involved

Decision about the quality of production facilities required and their respective location’s need to be made; there are also decisions about the required level of performance  and  the more decision have to be made on the desired method of production and the management procedure that is to be introduces.

When all the above have been adequately  taken care of the task of operating the production system is then considered in tackling this problem the management will have to formulate the production scheduling and control quality control and inventory management.  To undertake    these operations efficiently they will need to be properly defined in their design as in their relationship to the production system  other wise management will run into a brick wall it is only when all facts of the  production system are sequentially organized that the system can be efficiently operated         


This Limca Bottlers Plc was incorporated in Nigeria in 1985- it is owned by an incline national at inception they opened a plant at Warri which is still being regarded as their head quarters.

The Okigwu plant of Limca bottlers was commissioned in May 15th 1973.  at the Okigwu plant they produce a range of three brands of soft drinks namely: Limca Gold spot and Pearle soda their production machines which includes the horst corller Hansa serving increasing and justice citer where all imported from harmony. The plant is located along theEnugu to Okigwe express road


The Nigeria nation is so complex and diversified that the we can not afford a poor production system design the attendant problems of  a poor production system design are numerous some of these are that it results to inefficiency in production which in turn leads to scarcity of goods and service which is a fall-out of constant break down in machines wastages in time and material delay in supplies and orders when  it is obvious all these are available coupled with very inferior method of production.

Poor organization may sometimes lead to a situation where the work standard in one sector being higher than in another sector with in the same production system leading to the production of substandard goods and service which may not meet market standard. These are the problems that the researcher seeks to proffer situation to


Production efficiency is best improved by finding the best possible production system design efficiency in production is of utmost importance to a developing nation likeNigeria

It is obviously true that in any field of human endeaviour improvement are achieves by learning what people do how they do them with what efforts  (positive and negative) and possible need for adjustment. Therefore the analysis of production system design and management in the soft drink industry is no exception the finding of this study shall be an indispensable impute for successful administration in our country like Nigeria it will improved an efficient production system design which will lead to provision of quality goods and service and also create more employment opportunities for the nation.


In carrying but the study the following objectives are held on view

  1. To examine and analyze the probable relationship between production system design and production efficiency 
  2. Defining effective management procedure for operating efficient product system
  3. To identity most of the possible solution to problem of production system design
  4. To find out best out of various operation in the design a product system will have to achieve efficiency in production


In the course of this study the researcher intends to provide the answers to these questions

  1. Does the effective management producers guarantee operation of efficient production system
  2. What are the relationship that exist between production system design and production efficiency
  3. Does production system design lead to provision quality goods and service and create employment opportunities
  4. What are the problems in production system design and production efficiency?      

1.7  SCOPE

This study covers five soft drink plant spread over four states Imo Abia Enugu and Anambra they are 7 up bottling companyAbaNigeriabottling companyEnuguand Onistsh Limca bottling companyOnitshaand Limca bottling company at Okigwu was taken as the case study.  All the various economic factors were taken into consideration carrying out the study.  The existing government legislation in these areas were looked into sight was not lost of the present economic depression and its effect on the company’s sales revenue and growth. the study will be limited to the present capacity and production lines as efforts will not be directed into areas of strategies for company’s growth and or introduction of new products


The seemingly narrow scope of the study was as a result of constraints occasioned by inadequate time. The study involved a lot of oral interviews with personal and   physical observation of operation but it will be impossible to ration enough time to all these activities and have enough left for other academic works

Another constraining factors is finance the times are hard economically and the transport fares  from base to location of study are so high that their provision is nearly impossible

There is also the problem constant changes in the economy which makes.  It imperative that regular visits be made to study location to up data 


PRODUCTION: Any process or procedure which is designed and organized to transform a set of impute variable and components into a specific set of out put element

MANAGEMENT:  The utilization and combination of organization’s resources to achieve goals and it involved planning organizing stating direction and controlling

SYSTEM:  Any set of various working together in relation to one another.

SYSTEM MANAGEMENT: The co-ordination of various inputs in the process of production and the out put stage to achieve the desired result in the system

LABOUR: This involves the human input whether mental  physical directed towards production activities.  It include all the production line from the lowly to the bard of directors

EMPLOYMENT:  All those working for payment in a business organizaiton in  government institutions and  are subordinates to the authority of the employer

PLANNING:  A process for selecting the future course of action armed at achieving desired objectives

PRODUCTION DESIGN:     All decision on performance requirements output level production facilities and locations