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In the recent time, fraud in the ministry dominates the front page of our newspapers, radio announcement and television announcement. The fact is indisputable in the ends of the readers, listeners and observers. This fraud stories should be on the greater concern to a patriot worthy of the name. The deeper study and the increase on the annalistically approach to ghost workers has led to the overgrowing realization of fraud and control in the ministry and autonomous department and the influence on the success or other wish of government of Nigeria

According to the research made, it is the impact the fraud have on government revenue, big organization, banks, ministries etc was what led to the writing on their topic.

Further more he ghost workers exercise done by Enugu state government in the ministry and autonomous department in 1995 and the introduction of the various control that inspired to carry out to carry out this survey and investigation on how fraud can be control or at least be reduce to the lowest bar minimum.

According to the Oxford advance learner’s dictionary of the current English, the word fraud simply means criminal deception.

Perhaps, the meaning and explanation that we consider more is the definition offered in Hamlyn, Encyclopedia world dictionary.

According to the great master dictionary, the word fraud means deceit, trickery, sharp practice and breaching of confidence, by which it stand to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage over other.

In other bead on the following definition put forward above, it means that the act contributed by some one which is pursed towards gaining under and non-meritorious credit at the detriment of the right of beneficiary construct an act of fraud is never committed, unless the intension of the perpetrator was present, the time the execution of the dubious plan. Therefore any allege fraud, which does not meet up with this test, must be construed and interpreted as aiding and abetting fraud.

Another definition of fraud by the college dictionary of the random house is simply a head trickery or breach of confidence use by one person to gain unfair and dishonest advantage over other.

This two definition rather appropriate and are adequate for this project because they contain the main element of fraud which include the following.

1.     There must be deceit, trickery or breach of confidence

2.     There must be unfair and dishonest advantage because our concept of one mans loss is another man’s gain


The recently reported wave of fraud in the ministries is to say the least is very unfortunate,. Frauds without doubt are been perpetuated in various sub sectors for the economy and those committed in the government organization going by the previous and recent report are most disconcerting. The situation as we are expensing now where incessant cares for the fraud for the ministries payroll are being reported which can not be immediately check erode our future economy. Fraud has continued to cause untold hardship to our people collectively and individually. To copies all fraud has significantly contributed to what is happening in the ministry and department lapse in the government of Enugu state.

Frauds that may be discovered in the payroll department include.

(i)                            Salary defecation

(ii)                         Over casting of salary sheet

(iii)                       Inflation of figure

(iv)                       Dummy names and non-existing expenses

(v)                         Preparing of supplementary voucher

In the effect of this posed by fraud in almost every payroll system of Nigeria, the organization that gave the researcher he impetus to go into research to investigate and find out the rational behind this frauds in payroll, how they are detected checked and controlled.

In recognitions of the above fact, the fact that the research intends to investigate the type of fraud committed and other possible effect of fraud in the payroll system. The researcher also hope to make useful recommendation and suggestion that will help completely to a large extent eliminate fraud in the ministries payroll


Frauds in payroll system in the most Nigerian organization are comparatively high and this has distorted the growth the development of certain organization. The main aim of the study is to accretion the reason for fraud in the payroll, how they are detected, checked and controlled.

1.     To find out the different type of fraud committed in the payroll

2.     To find out the step that can be taken to eliminate fraud in the payroll system

3.     To find out causes of fraud in the payroll system

4.     To find out the categories of worker committing fraud in the payroll system

5.     To make recommendation base on the findings of the study

6.     To determine the nature and scope of this fraud in payroll whether they are fundamental or material

7.     Finally to suggest solution to the problem and make recommendation for future prospects


The study is meant to aid the payroll system in Nigerian in detecting fraud since the interest of both the government and the workers is at risk if unprotected. The study will also aid all other organization hat may have the need for assistance in checking fraud since fraud and some other malpractice are not limited to the ministries alone.

It is hoe that the recommendation and the suggestion made in the study will help in the growth the development of the government ministries as well as business organization and if necessary replace most of their ineffective internal control check with more effective and perhaps less dangerous once. The elimination for the activity of fraud from the payroll will restore the cooperate image of the ministries patrol.

Finally the study could be immense help to all those who wish to carry out further study on fraud in the ministries payroll or in any other related field.


The research hypothesis is made to test the realities and the correctness of the question contains in the fraud detection and control in the ministries payroll.

The following hypothesis has been formulated base on the statement of problem and the objective of the study in order to guide the study


Ho: fraud has any effect on the progress of any organization and that of the Nigerian economy

Hi: Fraud ha effect in the progress of an organization and that of the Nigerian economy


Ho: there is no incidence of fraud in the ministries payroll system

Hi: there is incidence of fraud in the payroll of the ministries.


The scope for the study is to

1.     Assertion whether there are proper securities and Auditor who can detect fraud.

2.     Investigate and find out if the payroll system in most Nigeria organization keeps appropriate internal control.


The scope of the study has been limited to the payroll system in Enugu state due to time and proximity.

Secondary due to the sensitive nature of he topic most patrollers are generally not disposed t help for the simple reason that the researcher may have been sent by the internal auditors of the ministry to investigate the operation of the payroll system. It took time to convince the staff to cooperate and this was even possible because the researcher was able to prove to them that he was a student of the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu (I.M.T.)

Thirdly, since moist of the payrolls system ahs the same method of operation, it is believed that the need so the researcher will still be met from the study of the sample from Enugu state.